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July 2017
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Why day cares is important for kids by Piyush Kawdia

There are numerous advantages to have day cares centre and preschools in our society. Earlier, we used to live with our family, where our parents went out their work but we stayed with our uncle’s, aunt or our grandparents since we lived with join family. But as we know, nothing is permanent in the world. … Continue reading

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How to learn new things with pure perseverance by Piyush Kawdia

We all know that learning is an essential part of every individual, whether you are 18 year old student or 40 years old guy. No matter what, without learning you can’t take next step towards the success. Learning is a process to gather information, acquire new skills set in the particular domain. Through learning, you … Continue reading

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E-learning- Electronic or efficient, Call it your way! Blog post by Sukanya Saikia

In this stressful environment, everyone is busy doing something or the other. In the hustle bustle of life, one generally fails to follow their own dreams and have some time to live their passion. Apart from the mundane activities of day to day lives, one finds hard to read or learn about things of his … Continue reading

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Find the Best Day care/ Pre-Schools in Bangalore Blog post by Piyush Kawdia

If you are looking for best day cares in Bangalore, still not getting the relevant information about the prices, services and other stuffs. Here we are, is an online marketplace for best day cares in Bangalore, Best schools in Bangalore, Best colleges in Bangalore to eLearning things. We know, people of Bangalore has been … Continue reading

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Learning Never Ends Blog post by Sukanya Saikia

Apart from daily classes at school that are obviously helpful, it is very important for your child to get undivided attention in the subjects and papers in which your child feel even the slightest bit of doubt. It is needless to say that a teacher’s way of teaching or his or her ability to impart … Continue reading

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Life is beautiful!!

Are you one of those persons who happen to take a moment while passing by a school and look at the kids playing, or gathering for their morning assembly. The days when there were no worries and you were least bothered of what is happening outside the school campus. From morning till afternoon, your world … Continue reading

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Difference between Private and Government schools

In India, there are two types of schools – the government owned and the privately owned schools. Although the government schools are indeed doing a commendable job of making education available to a greater number of people and are normally doing it for free or for fees that are really within the reach of everyone … Continue reading

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You’re in that stage when everything seems to be right and wrong at the same time. You are done with your board exams and till last week you were relaxing, trying to soak in the triumphant feeling of your exams getting over (Does it matter which exams!!). It’s always a good thing about the last … Continue reading

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Finding a new daycare in a new location

So you’re a mother of a one year old and you have moved to a new place. You are in a dilemma about your decision to join office. Back in your hometown things were different. You felt secured that even if you weren’t there, your parents took care of your child. And they’re not here. … Continue reading

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How to choose a career after 12th

When you are out of school and looking forward for a college life, the first question that comes in mind is what field to choose. There are many colleges in India and choosing the best among them is very difficult. The word College brings many thoughts to mind. There are many students who are not … Continue reading

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